About Us

Que is a quick concept restaurant selling modern Vietnamese food.

Born out of a conversation by the pool with a friend (both in mid-career crisis if you just have to know 😉 ) by accident , Que has evolved from a coffeeshop stall in Toa Payoh as test bed to a food kiosk at Somerset area to bring the owner’s personal interpretation of modern Vietnamese food to the local while still staying its authentic core.

The idea was to build an F&B startup based on Lean Startup methodology. It seems to work (with lots of lost skin, burnt, cuts, tears and pain!) ! While both Toa Payoh and even Somerset are still MVP (minimum viable product) versions, we are working hard toward a day where Que has a proper location serving interesting and nice Vietnamese food and playing jazz whole day :). One step at a time, baby steps are preferred over here 😉

Que at Johnson Eatery @125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, 2017-2019
Photo copyrighted sethlui
Que @ 111 Somerset

Que, or Quê, pronounced similar to “que” in “que sera sera” , taken from the word quê hương in Vietnamese that means Home town. When Que’s owner was looking for a name for this business, suddenly this just popped into her head and refused to go away, together with the song (lol!). That’s how Que was born/chosen. Quê hương, to every Vietnamese oversea, is an endearing term of a sacred place.