What’s New @Que

New dish!

After a long hiatus, Que is back, with something new, of course! Exciting promotion ahead (To be updated)

Supreme Bun Cha Set-for-2

Now you don’t have to crack your head over which one to choose because you can have it all with this set meal for 2 that includes Pork, Beef, and Salmon.

The set comes with 2 servings of noodle or rice, 2 fried spring rolls and the usual condiment for Bun Cha Gio Que. That means you can just mix the fish sauce straight into the noodle before picking up the meat into your bowl.

There’s some herbs and whole lettuce leaves provided so if you want you can try to make some rolls just like in HCMC!! Check it out in store!

Spicy Iberico Pork Pho

If you love a much richer broth, fuller flavors, and lots of spices (read: spicy), this is the perfect dish at Que for you ❤️. That or simply you need a change! It’s slightly more conventional than Que’s Special Grilled Pork Pho in term of preparation and presentation. You definitely recognize it’s a Pho the moment it is being presented to you.